Company profile

TUBAU, joint stock company is a modern construction company which started to operate on construction market under this business name on 1.2.2006 by repurchasing part of the company Váhostav – Tunely a špeciálne zakladania a.s. (Tunnels and special foundations):

  • Underground constructions division,
  • Special foundations division,
  • Administration and Services division in Slovak Republic.

DANICON holdingFrom November 2009, company TUBAU is daughter of a DANICON HOLDING, a.s.

Besides underground structures like tunnels, underground structures of hydroelectric powerstations, water conduits, large-capacity underground works the company activity concentrates also on special foundations structures made by bored large-diameter piles, micropiles, construction of diaphragm cut-off walls, excavation of construction pits and fastening of slopes.
Designing of works, preparation, execution and inspection of the project must focus on generally accepted principles and building art methods and satisfaction of customer´s needs which is the main principle of TUBAU, a.s.. Through increasing the effectivity of implemented quality securing and management systems – QMS, EMS and SHPW the company focuses on reaching sustainable development which shall lead to efficient satisfaction of customer as well as the society needs.

The company has implemented integrated management system consisting of quality management system (QMS) according to requirements of STN EN ISO 9001:2009 norm, environmental management system (EMS) according to requirements of STN EN ISO 14001:2005 norm and safety and health protection at work management system (SHPW) according to requirements of OHSAS 18001:2009 specification.

Stable and qualified team of people available at the company is a guarantee of the work quality for all existing and also potential clients.

Company main philosophy for the future period lies in reaching success through a business-like price policy, willingness, quarantee of keeping schedules, quality, reliability and accuracy in fulfilling our clients´demands which relate to execution of all our projects.

Our company is a member of the consortium Slovak Tunnelling Association